COSTRUTTORI srl was founded in 2002 as a company working in the construction of civil and industrial buildings. Since its establishment, until the end of 2008, it carries out refurbishments, renovations and strengthening of existing structures, gaining also experience in the periodic maintenance of buildings. Over the years, supporting and cooperating with primary M.E.P. (mechanical, electric and plumbing) engineering firms, the company, operated also as sub-contractor in the public sector. These experiences allowed COSTRUTTORI to forge a fruitful collaboration with the M.E.P. contractor Ediltecnica Brancaccio s.n.c. that since 1986 successfully operates in the civil and industrial plant engineering sector.

In 2008, COSTRUTTORI srl absorbs the company Ediltecnica Brancaccio snc by taking over the whole activity and consolidated know-how and, entering the entire technical and administrative organization, expands its business core from the construction to the M.E.P. technological sector. This choice will lead COSTRUTTORI to operate as general contractor, providing comprehensive construction services in both private and public sector.

In this spirit of constant development, in 2008, COSTRUTTORI srl joins the CONSORZIO STABILE MEDITERRANEO, an Italian based consortium constituted by several companies also operating in the construction industry, with the intent of striving to more important and prestigious projects and contracts, together with the associated companies.