Construction Works

Since its establishment, COSTRUTTORI srl operates in the general construction industry and specifically in the construction of civil and industrial buildings. Furthermore, over the years, the company focused its business in the retrofit and rehabilitation of existing buildings industry. Most of the Italian real estate consists of historical/monumental masonry buildings, concrete structures built in the first half of the century that now lie in deficient, and sometimes dangerous, structural conditions due to lack of maintenance, ageing of materials and weather/environmental actions. In addition, many non-seismic buildings, designed with dated codes and standards, are now located in dangerous seismic areas and therefore in need of seismic upgrade or improvement. COSTRUTTORI srl executes structural renovations, strengthening applications, seismic upgrades and offers a number of ways to minimize the chances of damage and/or extraordinary rehabilitation measures. A further feature of the company is to offer "turnkey" property management services which consist in supporting the client in every phase of the project: preliminary study, specification and budgeting, legal aspects, final design, construction and project management, delivery and maintenance.

Specifically, COSTRUTTORI srl provides the following construction services:

  • Construction, retrofit and strengthening of structures
    • Construction of civil and industrial buildings
    • Retrofit and strengthening of reinforced concrete and masonry structures.
    • Seismic improvement and upgrade of structures.
  • Retrofit, revaluation and maintenance of buildings subject to special laws in terms of cultural and environmental heritage.
  • Periodic scheduled maintenance services for buildings
    • Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance
    • Renovation of facades, external paving, waterproofing
    • Interior improvements, finishing works, suspended ceilings