About us

COSTRUTTORI srl is an Italian based company working in the field of design, construction and maintenance of civil and industrial buildings and facilities. The experience gained over the years through the acquisition of public and private contracts, places the company in a solid position within the general construction industry. The company also specializes over time in the growing field of experimentation and application of innovative technologies for the conservation, restoration, structural reinforcement and seismic upgrade of existing buildings with particular focus on historical monumental patrimonies.

The company owns equipment for the construction and maintenance of concrete and masonry buildings and for the realization and maintenance of technological M.E.P. (mechanical, electric, plumbing) systems and plants. Further, it is constantly growing and invests many of its resources to offer the best services to any type of user and in absolute quality. COSTRUTTORI srl has always paid significant attention to the aspects regarding quality, safety and full compliance with the rights of workers and environmental issues.

COSTRUTTORI srl has highly qualified and experienced personnel, who carry forth traditions, values and long-standing reputation for performance.